Td3 (tdail3) is a YouTuber and an enemy of Schm2000 and MarioMario54321. He is truly evil, but not that evil like CandyMario571. He was first known as Td64 until he died and got revived as Td3. When he is enraged, he turns into a raging monster and goes on a rampage. He is first ranked villain and he made a group called the T Rangers. He has a dimension called Td3's Realm. This may be the realm Ztarragus trapped Starragus in. He also joined the E.S.D.W. He has his own clones called Td3eatures (similar to Greatures, Breatures, and other groups) which share Td3's color scheme and have the "Td3" prefix in their names. He is a friend of Freegee and Suixaghdffesuatbgy asdcq sk.


None, but greed consumes him with anger.


Starman3, DylanDylan54321, JTC867, MarioSuperSoda, Marjo, Marko.


CandyCao7, CandyMario571, Mario, Luigi, MarioMario54321, LuigiLuigi09876, YoshiYoshi54321,Lario, Muigi,Wario, Waluigi, Mario64, LuigiGame2, SuperWario98, Schm2000, Spongebob, Mr. Krabs, Patrick Star, Squidward, SuperMarioGlitchy4, Light Star, Light Star X.