Fakegees are imperfect clones or variations of the original Weegee. They are usually recolors of real Weegees, though many non-recolored Fakegees (such as Freegee) also exist. Subgroups include Fakealleos, Faketrans, and Fakenees.


During the original Weegee Fad, Fakegees were unofficial Weegees not approved by TheMarioBrother. Fakegees were typically associated with recoloring. They were deeply hated by the approved Weegees, and any Fakegee YouTube accounts were raided or hacked (such as Sueeguii). They were so hated that anti-Fakegee groups such as the Mahziis began to appear. After the Weegee Fad ended, Fakegees were no longer persecuted and people began making them once more. Technically, all Weegees made 2011-onward are Fakegees, since none of them were approved by TheMarioBrother.

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