Bob was the first official Weegee clone, and the first member of the extinct Pre-Fakegees. Unlike most of the other members, he is just considered a Weegee clone. Due to it being Weegee's first stare, it didn't go right. Bob was mutated and weird. Despite this, they became good friends, and accidentally caused the extinction of the Fremmlins. He is a member of Weegee's Army, and was the only fake Weegee clone to be accepted around the time of Fakegee. He is the oldest living Weegee clone, and by extension Fakegee/Pre-Fakegee, as well as being the only living Pre-Fakegee. The only people who hated him were John Weegee Booth, the Ku Klux Kleegee, and other anti-Fakegee extremists.